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MLM - Multi Level Marketing

What is Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing or MLM for short is a marketing strategy where sales force is rewarded , not only by compensating their own sales, but you also get rewarded for the sales of other people you have recruited
You probably already know an MLM structure. It's like the pyramide structure. You recruit x people, who also have to recruit x people, and so your team will start earning you money.

IMPORTANT. MLM is NOT ILLEGAL and can't be confused with illegal pyramide scams. MLM is just a sales strategy for real products !
I think you all know : Herbalife , Tupperware, ...

Only 1% = really successful

Despite I'm not an opponent of MLM, I want you to know that only 1 percent of all people who try to earn money with a MLM system are really succesful in it.
And only 10% will earn more than 200 euro / dollar every month.
Most MLM'ers will make some money, but they will never get rich or obtain a permanent passive income with MLM
To be really succesful in MLM business, you should have a big network of potential buyers / resellers.

Is MLM for you ?

Wait , Let me put it another way:
Do you know 10 friends/collegues/family members who would be great salesmen ? And do those people also know 10 salesmen ?

If your answer is NO. Best is to leave MLM for what it is ( for now).
Best is to start with MLM when you already have a larger network or start building one.
Want to know how ? Just contact me.

Is your answer YES. Than i guess you are already in the MLM business and you know how hard it is to really build a passive longterm income with MLM systems.
Well, I had the same problems, I've made good money in the beginning, but all MLM income stops at one time. Either by people in your downline who stop, or the company stops.
It can get even worse. You participate in a SCAM MLM.
The last couple of years, we see more and more SCAM MLM companies or companies that stop after a year.
So be very carefull in which MLM companie you participate.

What if I told you , things could be different.

I came across a real Belgian company , in which you can build a real long term passive income.
I would like you to meet a Cooperative Profit Sharing Organisation, an unique system of profitsharing for everyone.
An organisation of real companies, no selling of "fictive products". A real company with a long term vision. No get rich quick promises!
A real permanent passive income !

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