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Forex Trading

Got a savings account ?

What's the annual return ? 0,5 % intrest ?

Put (some of) your money on a autotrading forex account.

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Forex Trading

What is Forex Trading ?

The foreign exchange market, or forex (FX) for short, is the buying and selling of foreing valuta like USD, EUR , GBP , AUD , JPY , CAD , ...
It is at this moment the biggest, fastest growing market in the world with a daily volume of more than 4 trillion dollar .
Just to show you, that is $4,000,000,000,000 every day

How does Forex Trading work ?

Forex trading is almost the same as the stock market, you buy low, you sell high of you sell high and you buy low.
One advantage in Forex Trading is, you don't have to choose from thousands of companies.
Another advantage is, the FX market isn't just open during working hours, but you can trade 24 hours per day, during the week ( banks are closed in the weekend).
Since the Forex is open 24h/day, it's easy to trade before and after your working hours. With current technology, this means you can trade everywhere in the world where internet connection is available.

Is Forex Trading risky ?

Yes, speculating is always risky. Speculating in stocks, bets, or other unpredictable stuff.
So is Forex Trading, if you don't have the right riskmanagement.
Profits are unlimited, and you can only loose what you invest.
Best is to start with money you can afford or don't need back fast.

No knowledge needed !

You are right , 90% of all people don't have any knowledge of Forex Trading.
I admit, i don't either.

What if i told you that you don't need any knowledge to participate in Forex Trading ?
I use automated trading software. Software with built-in security mechanism that trades for you.
A consistent, profitable system where the controllers build in securities by design.
All of the trades are done with very small amounts to keep it safe. This way the trading software can take nice profits or makes small losses.
Important to know about this software is that a team of experts continiously work on the software to make it better.

Long Term

Got a savings account ? What's the annual return ? 0,5 % intrest ?
Forex Trading is something you have to look at on a long term base. Just like a savings account, where you get an annual return.
Of all the trading accounts i've seen from family, friends , collegues and myself ; every account has made a return of at least 20% profit. It depends when they started using this autotrading software.

To give you an idea , look at one of the accounts that hase made a profit 85 % in 5 months.

There were some drawbacks due to the Greek crisis. But you see, this system is all about security, it takes losses when needed. Now it is slowly growing again.
Drawbacks happen, you can't always only win ! Remember, this system is tested for long term.

Remember, these are real accounts, but as always, no one can look into the future, and absolutely no guarantees can be giving that if you start today, your account will make the same profit !
It's even possible that you loose money ! I want to be clear about that.

Your money always available

Good to know is you have complete control over your money.
Because forex trading is such a volatile market, trading goes so fast, that you don't have to wait for your trades to finish.

That means, you can quit whenever you want.
You start with this system when you want, you quit with this system when you want.
You redraw money when you want. It's your money and you decide when.

Tip : Redraw your initial deposit when you have made some nice return profits. And just let your profit make you more profit.

Off course you want to participate

Want to join this auto trading system ?
I'll be happy to inform you about all the different posibilities within this automated forex trading system.
Just contact me.

Still have a savings account? You are doing it wrong.

Put (some of) your money on a autotrading forex account.

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